Dear customers. Welcome to Exclusive Tattoos which was opened by Keith (BICS) Bickle in 2006. The store is located in the middle of Karlstad at Östra Torggatan 2 B. There´s a map at the bottom of the page. During the beginning of this year many different circumstances made me rethink my directions and aims in tattooing. After 25 years in the trade and having been a founder member of Skindeep Tattoo in Karlstad since 1994, I felt that it was time to move on and open my own studio.
Here at Exclusive Tattoos you will find many hand drawn original designs which are not sold or distributed to other tattoo shops. Some are drawn by me and others are drawn by very talanted artists from around the world. If you can not find the type of design you are looking for then it is just to discuss your idea with us and we will do our best to draw up what you require. I also have a computer data base with more than 90 000 designs and I am adding more all the time. As well as this I have an internet connection to help find the right design for you. Our sterilizing and medical equipment is all of the highest standard and quality. I can assure our customers that this part of the trade is of utmost importance to me and I will not tolerate anyone working at the studio that does not adhere to my strict procedures. I invite our customers, for their own peace of mind to view our sterilization room if they would like.I aim to have frequent guest artists from around the world so that I can bring our customers a wider choice of art whilst at the same time feeding my ever growing hunger for tattoo knowledge. I have also incorprated my tattoo collection/museum into the studio. I have many items for the viewing pleasure of our customers as well as the many visiting artists I meet each year. Even after all these years of "pushing the pins" I still eat, breath and sleep TATTOO!
So welcome you all, customers and fellow tattooists to come and get some ink, or to view and talk TATTOO!!
Be lucky

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